Wild rose

Way too soon You needed this wild rose.
Way to quick You have changed things around her.
So many things were left unspoken.
But yet You needed her to sparkel in the nightlight.
Between old loved once You placed her as a nightwatch.
No more loving words over her beautiful lips.
No more hands on her inviting hips.
Only words from the heart to be felt in the dark.
The reason as to why so soon we may not asked
for You’re wishes are ours to fulfil.
How painful it sometimes may be.
Yet the resplendent star in the nightsky will be she
the morningdew will be her tears
The howling wind will be her elergy
and still her loving voice will be a reminder
and when the sun go down at night
her love will be the power of the moon.
To a friend I never knew.

Posted in Gedigte.

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