Unforgiven ?

What has become of the world we knew ?
Where has it all gone wrong ?
A little boy with a gun in his small hands,
a fire of hate in his young eyes that has seen murder.
A light of enjoyment is smothered by the lack of love.
Somewhere his soul is crying out to be free from this world. But he knows he’s been watched by others.
To fit in and to survive, to provide for a yet younger sister. What has become of this world we live in ?
Where is the love ?
Where is the comfort ?
Lord, we pray for Your presence and touch.
We as adult need to care and love the children.
We need to show them the way by example.
We need to provide in their needs.
Dear Lord, I bring this sad world to You.
I pray that You will touch each one reading this.
Show them that You are alive and that You are the way
Go now and be blessed on your way.

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