So say the Lord:

Dear Trucker, I saw your thoughts today, it was troubled and sad You passed a young couple and remembered your own loved one at home You were troubled cause you miss her so much
The one person I created just for you
The one who understand what you are going through
The one I created to stand by you and pray for you
Don’t fear for I will protect her and keep her safe for you
I will renew her love for you
Dear trucker, I saw the sadness in your heart today when you passed the accident I saw your tears when you looked at the child, whom I held in My hands I saw your own child in your eyes at that moment
Just pray and ask Me, I will keep them safe for you when you return My dear lad, I wanted you to remember that I travel with you I wanted you to pray and ask Me to protect you
My dear lad, don’t you know that I created you for this job ? I created you with a strength to bear the load
I created you with the will to deliver
I created you to protect your shipment
I created you with the love for this special parcel
I created you because I love you
Dear lad, just pray to Me to give you more than this
I wrote you this poem to make you smile again
I wrote you this poem cause I saw your crying heart
I wrote you this poem cause I want to safe your soul
Always remember that I drive with you let Me do your steering

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