the Word and Japan

The Word and Japan

Long before we were dwelling on this earth the Word was spoken All these things have been told, not to scare, but to warn
The Lord send these words and dreams to people we don’t know Dear Lord, please let us not be scared, but let us listen this time Let us understand that these things is only a reminder
You give us the choice to follow You or not
Heavenly Father, I pray for those who don’t understand these words I pray for those who still don’t believe in Your Son, Jesus Christ, For, only through Him we are saved
Dear Lord, show Your love to those who believe in You
Show Your presence in such an unique way because every person is different Lord, You are the only way to true salvation, the light in the dark With this small prayer I bring before you all those who don’t know how I bring all those who have forgotten You
I bring all those who blame You for what had happen
Dear Lord, touch them with a miracle specially created for them Dear Lord, show them that You are the Lord of love
Show them that nothing is impossible if they just ask You
Let us be ready when You come, for we don’t know when it will be Dear Lord, let us not scatter in desperation,
But let us pray together for those who have not met You
Let us pray and show the nations that we are praying to the Living God Let us see this as an opportunity to praise You for those who survived this tragedy
Let us remember that You could take us at any time and we should be ready

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