the Unknown

The unknown

I see the beauty of the universe and it makes me think
What wonderful and creative God we have
He has not only gave us His Son to die for us
He has also created a masterpiece for us to look at
In only 6 days He has created heaven and earth
And yet in all these thousands of years we still don’t know all Every day we stand amused at all its beauty
Every day we get new miracles to see His love for us
Dear Lord, how privileged we are that You love us
How dear we must be for You that You give us all this
Dear Lord please protect us from all harm
Let us see the beauty You have created for us and remember who we are Lord, You have created us out of Your breath
Let us speak Your words of kindness
Let us see the good in all the way You do
Dear Lord, let us give ourselves to others the way You did
Jesus we thank You for what You did for us
Please remind us every day that we are precious
Lord, You protect us from ourselves by keeping the future from us You are precious, dear Lord, for You provide us with all we need.

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