The purpose of our life

The purpose of our life

You all were put on my path for a reason
We are here to fill each other’s life and give it meaning
I don’t know you and you don’t know me
But the Lord know us and what we need
I will be your friend to guide you and protect you
I will be your friend to listen to your sorrow and pain
That way I can forget about my own and feel needed
The Lord has given us only one project to do in our entire life He needs you to be a friend to those whom is given to you
He needs you to fill their life and give them meaning
The more you give to others the more you will receive
Money is not what makes us happy
Running around trying to make yourself happy is not what you need Love and understanding is what this world need to survive
To give your life to Jesus and follow in His footsteps is what you need To be friendly and sincere with others is a good start
Don’t allow the devil to tell you otherwise,
he will only lie to you and make you think that is the right way Don’t let life pass you and that people remember you because they feared you Let them remember you for the wonderful and caring person that you are In all of us there is this special person waiting to come to the rescue In all of us there is a good person that is crying out to be alive Go out and be the person that you were created to be
We all have a responsibility to each other and be a friend to those assigned to you

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  1. Life is also-

    Life is a defenition of pain
    Dry seasons with no rain
    a never ending price to be paid
    at times a wiseman with no brains
    i will not fail
    nor loose faith
    after falling down power will be regained
    all this for survival sake.

    Just wrote this after speaking to you
    Im from Imperial online

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