Sunset kiss

The orange of sunset, cover the beauty of her being.
Inside of her, kept secret for so many years.
The lover she first met, untold, but forever remember.
And yet, only she will know.
The many nights, falling asleep with tears in her dreams.
Longing for one more kiss.
Remembering, he’s loving hands.
The sweet smell of his love for her.
The strong hands, and yet so gently, loving, caring.
How she long for one more sunset kiss.
So many years has passed.
So many times she met him in her dreams.
One moment carved in her soul. Protected from the winter cold. Protected from the rain and snow. The sunset is gone over the hill.
His love for her.
Dark and cold ?
But yet they remember a sunset kiss.
How he longs to be with her.
Untold to her.
But his hands still remember the soft, silky skin.
His eyes, loving, longing as he watches the sunset girl of his younger years.

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