Softly I put your tired boddy next to My stream.
Here I can care for you.
Away from fear and sadness.
Away from people who don’t understand you.
Here, My voice will only be a whispering.
This way, you will still hear the soft sound of the healing water over the green stones.
You will still hear the birds, with thier praising songs.
My dear child, I have never left your side.
The times when you couldn’t feel your legs, I was carrying you. The times when you couldn’t hear a sound, I was helding you close to My heart. Be still and relax for the stream will comfort you.
My child, next to this stream, I will protect you from more pain. Just call My name, I will hear you.
Just lift your hand and I will touch you.
Just be still and don’t be afrad, for I am with you.

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