Sometimes when the land is dark,
and you feel the eyes upon you.
Don’t be afraid to stop and listen to the sounds.
From far away the answer will come on the wind.
The sparrow will sing the words you never wanted to listen to. The moon will shine his light to show you the way ahead.
Each step will bring you to the water and shelter.
Every second will bring the daylight again.
Just listen to your heartbeat to know you are alive.
Start the song : ‘Glory to the King’ and praise Him.
For the Lord is love and His love is like nothing you will ever know. Don’t be afraid of the dark anymore.
The darkness are hiding the things you don’t need to see.
Give your life to the Lord and feel His closeness.
Everything you have ever know will seem so different.
Your lovedones will see you in a new light.
The people you have chosen to hate will become your new best friend. The Lord is our Shepherd and He will provide.
Dear Lord, thank You for all we have.
You only give us the good in bad situations.
You always have the backup plan.
Thank You, dear Lord, for You love us unconditional.

Amanda Boucher

Posted in Gedigte.

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