I know that sometimes you might think that you are alone. But I’m always here. Sometimes it might seem that the world are againts you,
But Me, you Lord, will always provide.
When the clouds gather around you, just remember, the flowers needs rain. For the grass to be green for you to rest on, I have to send the rain. I will color your skies with special people on your way.
Listen to the song of the birds, and learn their words.
Just but your faith in Me again. Just put your head on My chest, follow the heartbeat to slow you down. I am preparing the road for you. I have already set a place at My table.
Keep My words in your heart. Give My path a leading change. I will never leave you alone. Your name is written in My palm.
You are mine and I am your God.
Put your trust in Me.
I will protect and provide.

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