My dear

Don’t be alarmed when I blow My blessings your way
Feel My tender touch upon your shoulder in the day
Hear My words of comfort in the voice of a little bird
See My miracles in the smile of the children in the streets
Look around and be aware of how I help you
Listen to friends talking and hear the help you prayed for
Be still and be calm for I am….
I am here to lend a helping hand
I am listening to your cries
I am steering your life
I am your protector
I am your only salvation
My dear child, don’t push Me away
Be happy in knowing that I am
Don’t feel that you are not worth it
Don’t feel that you have done too little for Me
Don’t feel that you have too many sin
Just accept that I love you that you are Mine
Just be still and let Me in your life
Just listen to My answer and be thankful
For you are Mine and I am…. All that you need

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