mountain and valley

Mountain and valley

Surrounded by mountains and valleys I’m left speechless
From so far You brought me here
Safe in Your presence You kept me from harm
Slowly You presented me with this miracle
As the sun raises from the horizon
You took up the palette in Your Hand and started to color the sky The most beautiful lighter shades that You could use
Not to awake us to fast from our sleep
Softly You colored the day for us to look forward to it
Another day our burdens were soften so we can praise you
Like the birds we can exult over this new day
Once again You brightened the day after the night
With a delicate paintbrush You painted the clouds nothing more than a thin line The white against the light blue sky, so perfectly
The same way You give us color to bring joy to others
Sometimes a transparent color to a sharp light blue
The contras from overlook to remember
The sounds from our lips to built
Lord, show Your miracles in me
Take my hand, so small against my side
Lead me to the top of Your mountain, to see all of Your might The color are so cheerful after the grey of the night
Surrounded by mountains and valleys I’m left speechless
Because You promise that You will come again on the clouds
Lord, open my eyes to see You
Because You created all things to serve You
You created all for You to enjoy
Give us comfort for all the pain and sorrow

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