Just a flickering moment

Just a flickering

For just a flickering moment I cross your path
Hopefully I will leave a smile in your heart
For just a flickering moment I spoke to you
Hopefully I will help you to decide what to do
Our lives are so fast to go to the next stage
Will you be waiting for me on the other side?
Please treat everyone you met with the same care and love
And you will be loved by our Father above
Remember that you too leave something behind where you go
Remember that someone has seen your smile and made it theirs We don’t always understand why things happen
But someday we do see the reason
Give love and you will be loved
Give understanding and you will be understood
For we are on earth for just a flickering moment
And yet our deeds could change the rest of the world
One word spoken could be the difference between life and death Make your image a colorful one that leave pleasant thought behind Make your image the one that could be used as a good example Include our loving Father in all you do and things will be great Pray and asked Him to show you the way, then you wait in silence until you see the path
For the Lord have not, and never will leave your hand
This one poem is meant to change your world for ever
For a world in which the Lord is, is a world filled with love

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