4-Ever Remembered

This site was created because of a nagging feeling of how I can honour my lost loved ones, firstly, and a second driving force was to help people, charity organisations to earn much needed funds and to enable people who cannot find jobs. I have lost so many CLOSE family members (MOM, DAD, SISTER, 2 NEPHEWS…) and although their memory lives in my heart, there was always a hollow feeling, when I am no longer here, who will remember them? This feeling got stronger daily, I had to do something so they would be 4ever remembered! Then I had a dream and the answer was clear... do a website that must be passed from generation to generation, support charities and help people who want to work. This way so many people/pets can be remembered and never forgotten and people who need an income can benefit too. Now our forefathers/loved ones (human and pets) as well as great memories can contribute to making this world a better place, thank you. With support from individuals we can collectively make a difference.