Birth of paradise

Abrie Venter is ‘n jong skrywer met wonderlike talent wat binnekort sy eie regmatige plekkie op my blad gaan kry. Hoop julle verwelkom hom met dieselfde liefde as wat julle aan my bewys. Welkom Abrie. Birth of paradise
A raindrop fell from the sky and crush into tiny pieces onto the hard earth
The drop is not dead but a birth of a water streams spread running and form a large river With life and beauty like a magical dreams.
A forest spreads it’s leaves like a green angel, strong tree tops reaches the sky
Just because that little raindrops fell and splattered but never to die but to feed life
and it opened a world of desire like a burning fire, all combined in one heartbeat, pinned us like in a movie seat.
Moments of hypnotic beauty form parts in our heart, earth, ocean and sky all this filled with life never to die but to change in colours and sounds of Eden the paradise which
we could had if we didn’t rolled the dice and lost our Eden in one harsh slice because of
disobedience to God’s word of one rule not to eat from the fruit of the tree that would set us free
from everlasting peace in life this paradise of colour and green like we only will find in heaven the only place it can be seen.
How could we punished ourselves, defeated our dreams of beautiful of cool clear water streams
Flow to the waterfall where we could hear the fish eagle call where the essence of Flowers hang like a melody in the cool breeze of a Africa sunset, scenes Astonishing and left us overwhelm with peace and love, flying over us from above A snow white dove.
I will wait in the moonlight to see the stars blinking to say, everything is just right
No reason to fear as the angels are always near, listen to the night sounds sing your name In that soft glimpsing tree of fame.

# the heart will be strong AND the soul pure through all we endured our humanity will remain without stain.

Written by Lt. S Venter (Rough Forces Iraq 2006)

In memory of PFC Anthony Long U.S marines and dear friend (KIA May 2007 Fallujah) My you rest in this paradise till we meet again , soon buddy …. soon

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