A swift moment

Once in a lifetime.
A swift moment.
Like a lightning flash.
Two free spirits meeting in a swift moment.
Knowing that this eye-blinking split second would stay for ever. Nothing more than a memory. A mist to keep the harsh sun at bay.
Just a big old willow tree to rest under for a few moments in this race that we call life. And yet this feeling so small.
So much needed in a lifetime filled with empty spaces.
The memory of you’re existence will keep me from falling apart. For now I will keep you save in my heart.
To know that you are alive will be the thread that keep me hanging on. The rock you are for my feet to stand on.
The warmth of your soul keeps me from frozen.
And yet you are here for just one eye-blinking moment.
Just a swift memory to keep me from falling.
Just one more breath to fill my lungs.

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